Foreign Worker for All Sectors

We are well-known around the state of Johor and its environs as reliable resources management who are determined to meet to get jobs within the country of Malaysia. We are more focused on assisting citizens of other countries who are looking to settle in Malaysia and who are also interested in finding good-paying jobs in Malaysia. This service of procuring employments for foreigners in Malaysia is done across all sectors of the country such as finance, health, military, automobile, and many others.

Domestic House Maid


We are also into getting housemaids or home cleaners for our clients. We understand  that some of our clients’ schedules are usually tight and they do not have the time leverage to take care of their homes. We help source capable and trustworthy housemaids that can keep your homes tidy and well-arranged.

Renewal of Permit and Passport


At Ricmas Resources Management, we also render the services of permit and passport renewals. Whether it is drivers’ license permit, international passport, travel or work permit, we provide the necessary assistance to our clients required for the renewal process. 

General Insurance Services


This is one of the vital services that we provide our customers. Our insurance services cover a whole lot of aspects such as car, housing, health, retirement, life, social, property, etc. We also offer consultancy on all the insurance policies.


New Application for approval from JKT and KDN

We also offer the services of assisting in obtaining approval for your different business and individual applications to the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and JKT.

Fomema Examination

We also provide assistance and guidance in preparing for the medical screening of foreign workers


Check out Memo


For companies and agencies that wish to layoff and deport their employer(s), Ricmas Resource Management is the reliable firm to provide the services.

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